Rozhen National Astronomical Observatory – BULGARIA

The Institute of Astronomy and National Astronomical Observatory carries out fundamental research in astronomy and astrophysics, as well as education of specialists and graduate students in this area. The Institute of Astronomy operates two modern observatories for astronomical observations and research – The National Astronomical Observatory (NAO) Rozhen and Astronomical Observatory (AO) in Belogradchik. The main telescope of NAO Rozhen is a two-meter reflector, optical system Ritchey-Chretien-Coude. The other two optical telescopes of NAO Rozhen the 60-cm Cassegrain telescope and the 50/70-cm Schmidt telescope are specialized for photometric observations. Since 2005 NAO Rozhen operates a 15-cm Lyot-coronagraph developed and built at the Institute of Astronomy and mounted in the solar dome. The second observing facility of the Institute – AO Belogradchik is equipped with a 60-cm Cassegrain reflector.

The scientific staff includes 29 persons: 3 professors, 17 associate professors and 9 assistants. There are 3 DSc holders and 24 PhD holders. The Institute of Astronomy and NAO is included in the national roadmap for the development of scientific infrastructure (Council of Ministers Decision No. 692/21.09.2010).

The Institute works on scientific projects included in international agreements with research institutions in Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Slovak Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovenia, India and others. IA and NAO is a member of the Regional Committee for Astronomy, SREAC (http://www.astro.bas.bg/SREAC/index.html), in the network for strategic planning of the development of astronomy in Europe, Astronet (http://www.astronet-eu.org), in the European astronomical society (http://eas.unige.ch). NAO Rozhen is registered in the European portal for research infrastructures (http://www.riportal.eu/).



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